Grow Shipping Container

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Container&Climate Specification

Container Dimension: 40ft(L)*8ft(W)*9.5ft(H)

Climate control unit Capacity: 36000 BTU

Cooling: 18℃-30℃ return

Air condition Fan: 1500m³/h

Ventilation: 1000m³/h

Air exchange rate: 6mins full atmosphere recyle 

Air Distribution: Ducted


Emergency lighting: Use for power off case

UVC ligthing: For inside air disinfection 


Light intensity: 200-250umol/m2/s           

Cultivation area

Growing capacity: Up to 80m2 growing space

Racking dimension: 1020*830*2400mm

Tray’s dimension: 1020*407*70mm, 40 plants per tray

Racking qty: 18pcs 

Tray’s qty: 180pcs 

Crops: Lettuce, Leafy greens, etc

Growing space: Up to 80m2

Software: Smart Master controller  

Geographic regions: Worldwide

Power Consumption: 15KW/Day

Water Consumption: 300L

Branding: Support customized logo on the container

Smart controller to control all devices,


LED Grow Light, Working light,

Air condition, HVAC, CO2, Fans, Temp, Humidity,

Water&Fertilizer, EC, PH, etc.

Independent rooms for operations,
inside have glass door to separate the operation room and growing room, avoid contminate inside plants, reach the completely encloesd environment. 

Special design growing rack without a vertical support in the growing area to maximize to use of the container space with a growing capacity up to 7200 small roots plants in a growing space of 80m2. 

Mix fresh air, cold air, Co2 and dehumidifier together, to ensure plants get enough nutrition.

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