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Tennessee Lawmakers Plan to Introduce New Medical Cannabis Legislation

March 7, 2020

Latest company news about Tennessee Lawmakers Plan to Introduce New Medical Cannabis Legislation

Tennessee lawmakers plan to introduce a new medical cannabis legalization bill, called the Clinical Cannabis Authorization and Research Act, according to the Tennessean.

The legislation, which will be introduced through amendments by Sen. Steve Dickerson and Rep. Bryan Terry, would allow cannabis oils, tinctures, lotions and capsules, but not smokable cannabis, vapes or edibles, the news outlet reported.

The bill would create a regulatory framework for licensed businesses to grow and sell cannabis products, beginning by the end of this year, according to the Tennessean. Licenses would be capped at six medical cannabis cultivators and 75 dispensaries, but the state could also issue nine vertically integrated cannabis licenses, which would allow businesses to grow, process and sell cannabis products at up to five dispensary locations, the news outlet reported.

The legislation would also establish a new regulatory body, called the Clinical Cannabis Commission, which would issue medical cannabis cards to patients with one of a few dozen qualifying conditions who have been given a recommendation from a medical practitioner, the news outlet reported. Patients would be limited to a maximum of 2,800 milligrams of THC within a 30-day period under the bill.

Sen. Janice Bowling has also introduced medical cannabis legislation this year; in January, she reintroduced a bill that would allow qualified patients to access medical cannabis and license businesses to grow, distribute, transport and sell cannabis products for both medical use and scientific research.


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